Frequently Asked Questions

We have an individual approach to each customer and it is our pleasure to answer all your questions concerning our equipment. You can read the most frequently asked questions below:

How are rental days calculated?
One rental day does NOT equal 24 hours. For instance, one rental day is charged in the case where you take the equipment after 6 p.m. on the night before and you give it back the day after up until the evening/night. Eventually, the following day in the morning (e.g.: 1 rental day = equipment was taken on 9th March after 6 p.m. or on 10th March before 10 a.m. and given back on 10th March in the evening/night even till 11th March 10 a.m.). On the other hand, if you take equipment in the afternoon and return it during the afternoon of the following day, you will be charged 2 days because the equipment has to be blocked for 2 days.
I am ordering for the first time; does it mean anything for me?
For new customers, we want either an appropriate security deposit to cover the rented equipment or sufficient information, such as details about the production you are working on, people from the profession that can give you a referral, your web site, etc.
I want to rent the equipment for the weekend; is that possible?
If you are using our services for the first time and you need to pick the equipment up during the weekend, give us a call. We can either agree to you picking up the equipment before the weekend, or for you to meet us individually. If this is not your first time with us, picking up at the weekend is not a problem, but we still need you to give us a call anyway and we can arrange a meeting.
How much does the equipment rental cost?
Prices can be found in the Order section of our website. From time to time we run special offers. In the Order section, the prices shown include any special discounts.
How to make an order?
There is a search tool in the Order section of the website, on the left above the equipment list. Say you wanted to rent a Canon lens? Insert the respective key words into the search tool and the relevant equipment available for rent will be displayed. Then simply click on + button on the right of the required product. Continue like this until you have selected everything you need. At the bottom of the Order page, you will find a form to fill in with required information, such as your name, e-mail address, phone number, borrowing times, project name, company ID and any additional information.
How many pieces are in stock?
Most equipment offered is available in several pieces, whether these are video cameras, cameras, lenses, lights or other apparatus. Even if you need to rent multiple cameras and all the additional equipment for them at once, you will not need to visit several places in Prague. We offer everything in one place!
How does the 24/7 service work?
Thanks to our night safe, we are available 24 hours a day for our regular customers. Do you need to return the equipment at night? Do you have a delay and need to return the equipment late, or pick it up before we open in the morning, or do you just want to avoid the traffic in Prague? No problem.
You don’t have enough money but you have an amazing project?
So you don’t have enough money, but you feel that the project you aim to record is exceptional? We have several demands for sponsorship every week. Those that get sponsored need to be selected really carefully. We like to support projects where there are clear benefits to be gained by us from their realization – sure it is nice if you include our name in the credits, but try to offer something more than everybody else. Our long-term customers get preference. Student films made by new customers are not sponsored, but the due date can be postponed, upon agreement, for up to several weeks.
Have you found a cheaper competitor?
Let us know and we'll match the competitors price after verification. As a thank you, you'll also get a discount of 10 % on the verified items. You can find more rental companies offering film equipment on the Internet. However, many of them copy our offer. Then they often look for the items listed on web pages across Prague. They overstate what they have in one location and try to “be equal” to our portfolio. Biofilms is proud to be the only Czech DSLR rental service to have all the items offered on our web pages in stock. Thanks to that, we can offer unbeatable prices, approach and know-how.
Where can I pick up all the equipment I have ordered up?
At this one address: Petrska 18, Prague 1
Can your cameramen or technicians manage the pick up process and check all the equipment?
Sure we can do that, indeed we try to save some work of camera technicians and cameramen to save productions some time as well as some cash. However this service is extra so we ask you to try to use it as economically as possible. We can give you advice but if your cameraman or technician didn’t properly check the rented equipment during order delivery and then finds something missing in your set, it is not our responsibility. Unfortunately in spite of our 100% effort, we are not able to cover all the variants and requirements of staff on set.